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  1. The backend for registered users is needed to be done like this page https://alternative.me/account/submit-item/ you can check the live functioning by creating account there on alternative.me                                             
  2. The writing space on the search bar is very short, it should be increased and the whole search box is way to big it should be half of the current size,                                                                                                                                 
  3. The suggestions are not coming while searching an item on search bar like alternative.me                                            
  4. The 404 not found page is not there, it should be made
  5. Search bar “no result found” page is also not made.
  6. Ranking of alternative items as per the number of votes on them, and while submitting a vote it should not refresh the whole page, votes should be submitted on real-time without reloading the page same as alternative.me
  7. The Description, pros, and cons should be on different tabs not in tabs, it should be similar to alternative.me        
  8. The star rating should be indexable on search engines and the concept of star rating should be similar to alternative.me which you can see on below screenshot                                                   
  9. There are no function to add title and meta description for search engines and alternative pages on admin backend.

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